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15 Benefits of a Propane Fireplace

Published on: October 23, 2023

There are plenty of reasons you can warm up to

gas fireplace Floyd, va Looking for an efficient way to add supplemental heat? Or maybe you’re thinking about boosting your home’s value. Adding a propane fireplace (or converting your woodburning fireplace to a gas log set) is an option that meets both those needs beautifully. There are plenty of reasons people love their propane-fueled hearths. Here are just a few:

  1. Add cozy charm. The look—and feel—of a fire makes any space feel welcoming. A propane fireplace can create a room that draws family and friends together.
  2. Add dramatic style. Make a statement with striking glass sets that generate plenty of heat, while looking super cool.
  3. Generate supplemental heat. A propane fireplace warms spaces better because none of the heat goes up the chimney. With a wood-burning fireplace, as much as 90 percent of the heat is sucked up the chimney along with smoke and combustion gasses. With direct vent or ventless propane options, all the heat stays in the room.
  4. Cleaner than wood. No soot, no ash, no smoke. A propane fireplace means cleaner air and less mess.
  5. More efficient. Propane fireplaces run at about 80 percent efficiency—which makes them four or five times more efficient than a wood-burning fireplace.
  6. Add value. A gas fireplace can add anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000 to the resale value of your home.
  7. Less work. With a wood fire, you need to pay constant attention, adding logs and poking embers, or your fire will die down and your room will get cold.
  8. More control. With today’s propane logs, a remote control and a thermostat lets you dial up the heat you want—which is great not only for controlling temperature, but for controlling your propane use.
  9. Easier to light. An electric igniter lets you light your propane fireplace with one click. No kindling, no newspaper, and no blowing, starting over when it doesn’t catch.
  10. Easier to put out. When you’re ready to go to bed, it’s as easy as turning off the lights. No waiting for embers to die down, no worrying about ash or sparks restarting
  11. More warming power. Multispeed blowers that push warm air into the room provide better, more even heat—especially in larger spaces like great rooms.
  12. Affordable. The cost of adding a wood-burning fireplace is prohibitive. And maintaining a chimney can be costly, not to mention stocking and storing cords of wood and kindling. A propane fireplace can be installed for a fraction of the cost, in most cases.
  13. Versatile. Since there’s no need for a chimney, you can install a propane fireplace almost anywhere in your home.
  14. So many options. You can create the look you want, with hearth styles to suit any décor, from traditional to contemporary. You can even choose the style of logs and type of “wood” – or go for striking, modern gas sets that look like art as they warm your spaces.
  15. So safe. Propane fireplaces produce fewer emissions than wood-burning fireplaces. There’s no need for matches, and glass fronts prevent the possibility of sparks escaping.

Warm Up Your Home

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