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Commercial Propane Services in Radford, Virginia and Nearby Communities

Put SWVA Gas Service to work for your business or farm!

So many businesses all over our service area here in Southwestern Virginia depend on propane for their success.

Southwest Virginia Gas has more than 50 years of experience in supplying fuels to local businesses. We’re ready to put that experience to work for you!

What businesses in Southwest Virginia use propane?

Because propane is so versatile, clean-burning and efficient, it can do a lot of different things for a lot of different industries.

commercial propane

  • On our local farms, propane can be used for crop-drying, warming greenhouses, heating barns, operating chemical-free weed-control equipment and running generators and other farm equipment.
  • Factories and warehouses are turning to propane forklifts because the lower emissions from propane allow the forklifts to safely operate both indoors and outside. Propane forklifts also last longer than electric forklifts and can refuel in minutes with the simple replacement of a tank instead of having to be idle while spending hours recharging.
  • Industrial, office, retail and other commercial sites use propane for whole-facility as well as space heating.
  • Commercial propane generators can run vital medical equipment, protect critical technology like computers and servers by keeping the HVAC system running, and keep perishable food safe by providing power to the refrigeration.
  • Commercial kitchens like those in restaurants, hotels, schools, hospitals, churches and nursing homes use propane because it gives their cooks precise temperature control, high heat and a consistency that helps them produce a high volume of food while maintaining high quality.

Propane works for a diverse group of southwestern Virginia businesses, and we are proud and grateful to help them succeed by giving them reliable, safe commercial propane delivery and services.

SWVA Gas Service propane experts can help you put propane to work at your business or farm so you can enjoy benefits like improved energy efficiency and more effective cost control.

Contact us to learn more about how propane for your business can help it grow and flourish!