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Propane Grill Sales, Service and Tank Fills for Southwestern Virginia

SWVA Gas Service offers top-quality Broilmaster grills!

broilmaster gas grillTurn your back yard into the place where family and friends love to be with the help of a new Broilmaster gas grill from SWVA Gas Service!

When you upgrade to a propane grill, you get a lot. Grilling with propane gives you constant, consistent heat with the push of a button. Unlike charcoal, you don’t have to wait long before you can grill. Cleanup is much easier, with no messy ashes to deal with.

When you grill with propane, you get precise temperature control, and you can adjust your grill temperature instantly. Clean-burning propane lets the delicious flavor of your foods stand out rather than be overwhelmed with smoke.

We offer a great selection of popular Broilmaster grills —from basic, classic styles to deluxe models with multilevel grill surfaces, griddles, side burners, and more! You can opt for a built-in grill to create your ultimate outdoor kitchen and entertaining space.

Propane grilling safety tips

Grilling with propane is easy and safe, if you follow propane safety best practices. Here are some critical things you need to know, courtesy of the Propane Education Research Council.

  1. NEVER store or place a propane cylinder indoors or in an enclosed area such as a basement, garage, shed or tent. This includes cylinders for outdoor portable heaters, barbecue grills and portable generators.
  2. NEVER store or place a propane cylinder in an area of excessive heat (120° or higher) or near a stove, fireplace, or other heat source. The heat builds up pressure inside the cylinder, which may cause the pressure relief valve to release propane. Flash fires or explosions can result from exposing cylinders to heat.
  3. NEVER store or place a spare cylinder under or near a barbecue grill. The grill flame is a heat source that can cause the release of propane.
  4. DO NOT smoke or have any ignition sources such as flames or spark-producing electrical tools in the area while handling or transporting cylinders.
  5. ALWAYS keep your propane cylinders upright and secure when transporting them to and from your refill or exchange station.

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