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Propane Backup Generator Installation in Southwestern Virginia

Protect your family—and your property!

There are a lot of reasons you might lose power at your southwestern Virginia home. Winter brings snow and ice and summer brings storms with strong winds, all of which can bring down power lines. A car accident can take out an electrical pole. There may be a problem with the local grid.

Whatever the reason you and your family are left in the dark, a propane generator hooked up by the professionals at SWVA Gas Service will get the power going again!

The experienced service professionals at SWVA Gas Service will set the lines from it to your propane tank, and then connect those lines to your generator and the propane tank. Please note: We do NOT sell the generators themselves.

While portable propane generators are fine, a whole-house generator is, like the name says, for your whole house. You will be able to keep more appliances and equipment in your home powered safely and more efficiently.

propane generators

Here are just some ideas of what a propane whole house backup generator can do for you:

  1. Protects your family. If someone in your home needs electricity for medical equipment, such as an electric wheelchair or home dialysis machine, their safety is threatened in a power outage. A propane whole-house generator keeps that critical equipment running. It also keeps your home security system on.
  2. Protects your property. If you have a sump pump, it won’t run in a power outage. That can possibly lead to thousands of dollars in flood damage to your basement, along with the loss of cherished items, like photos, home movies and Christmas decorations stored down there. A propane whole-house generator keeps your basement dry.
  3. Protects your comfort. If the power goes out in the summer, a whole-house backup generator means you’ll still have air conditioning.
  4. Protects your food. Your food, whether it’s the milk and eggs you just bought in the fridge or the meat you got hunting that’s stored in your freezer, will be kept safely cold.
  5. Protects your connections. With a propane whole-house backup generator, you can work remotely, stay connected with loved ones and coworkers and keep the kids’ electronics charged.

Once your new propane generator is hooked up, we can also provide safe, reliable propane delivery.

Contact us to find out more about how a standby propane home generator would be a great idea!