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How Do Propane Gas Logs Work?

Published on: September 13, 2021

Versatile Log Sets Can Go Just About Anywhere!

gas firplace installation virginiaThere’s nothing quite like the cozy feeling you get when you’re lounging in front of your fireplace on a cold or rainy night here in the New River Valley area of Southern Virginia.

However, it’s fair to assume that many of us don’t want to deal with the work of a wood fire—especially after a busy workday. Think about it! First, you must bring in the wood from outside. Then you must build the fire itself and wait for it to get going before you can finally get to relax in front of it.

Even after all that work, you’re not done yet! After you extinguish the fire, you have the messy job of cleaning up all the ashes and soot.

What’s easier? You can avoid all of this work and worry by adding propane-powered gas logs to your home this fall!

With a propane gas log set, you can have a fire in your fireplace any time you want it. Just push a button or flip a switch and your work is done! You can sit back and enjoy the realistic look of today’s propane gas logs and its flames. When you’re done, just turn off the fireplace and that’s it. No cleanup, no work, no worries!

Enjoy the Versatility of Gas Logs

Propane gas logs aren’t only designed to fit in fireplaces. Gas logs can also be used in gas outdoor fireplaces, a gas insert in your masonry fireplace, a propane fireplace, or a freestanding propane stove.

SWVA Gas Service sells and installs top-quality gas logs from leading manufacturers. Our in-house propane appliance experts can help you choose the right type, size, and style of gas logs to fit your appliance—and your budget. Our gas logs offer realistic looks and styles of woods such as oak, aspen, birch, cherry and more.

Once you’ve made your selection, our trained and experienced service technicians will safely and expertly install your new gas logs—just in time for the holiday season!

Propane Gas Fireplace Options

If you don’t have an existing masonry or brick fireplace in your home, you can still get that charming ambiance with direct vent and vent-free propane fireplaces.

A propane gas fireplace is easy to install. You can incorporate the ambiance and warmth into virtually any room, including kitchens and dining rooms as well as living rooms and family rooms. Create your dream master suite or a spa-like bathroom escape just by adding a gas fireplace. You can also convert a traditional fireplace to a maintenance-free propane hearth with a gas insert.

We have a wide and attractive selection of styles to complement any décor, from traditional to rustic to contemporary.

Read more about propane gas logs and fireplaces by visiting our website, today! Or contact us today for more information.