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How To Dispose of Propane Tanks

Published on: February 26, 2024

Make Sure You Retire Them Safely

grill tank disposal Blacksburg, VA Propane storage tanks have a pretty long life—the refillable cylinders you use with a portable grill or an RV can last 5 to 10 years as long as they are regularly checked and recertified. And larger propane tanks last even longer, since they don’t get banged up from frequent transport and exchange. Rust, dents or signs of corrosion are signs that it’s time to replace any propane tank, large or small. But even the smallest amount of propane left in a tank can be hazardous if you don’t dispose of your tank properly.

So what’s the best way to dispose of them safely and responsibly at your southwest Virginia home?

Large Propane Storage Tanks

If you buy your propane from us, we’ll make sure your propane tank is in good shape when we make deliveries. And, if it does need to be replaced, due to age or damage, we’ll handle it for your safely. We will purge any remaining propane and transport the tank for disposal or recycling as scrap.

The team at SWVA has more than 50 years of experience installing tanks safely and we can also make sure your old tank is disconnected and safely transported away. We’ve got you covered for your replacement propane tank too. We’ll make sure your needs haven’t changed and ensure your tank is the right size to fuel the appliances and equipment in your home.

Portable Cylinders

If you use a refillable 5- or 10-gallon tank for your grill or outdoor firepit, recycling is easy. Propane dealers who refill these propane tanks will make sure your tank is in good shape and can sell you a new tank when yours is no longer usable. All DOT portable propane tanks must be recertified for use every 5 or 10 years, depending on the cylinder type, condition, and previous recertification method. When it’s time to retire your tank, your propane dealer should be able to take your old tank and make it’s completely empty, disassemble it and sell the tank as scrap.

If the propane dealer who refills your propane tank can’t take it, contact your town’s public works department about recycling your tank, or your local hazardous waste disposal site. You shouldn’t try to empty the tank yourself. If you don’t completely empty it and the tank gets put into a compactor, it could ignite or explode.

If you work with a company that exchanges your empty tank for a full one, they make sure the tanks in circulation are in good shape and dispose of the old ones properly so you don’t have to.

Propane Delivery

Just as important as having a well-maintained propane tank is knowing that you have reliable propane delivery service. That’s one of the many reasons so many homeowners and businesses in Radford and southwest Virginia trust SWVA for prompt, safe, and courteous propane delivery service. Contact us today to learn more and become a customer.