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Propane Expands Your Outdoor Entertainment Season

Published on: October 12, 2020

outdoor propane virginiaFall is in full swing here in southwest Virginia, with leaves raining down around us as the days grow shorter. But just because temperatures are dropping doesn’t mean you can’t continue to enjoy a little outdoor entertainment time – with a little help from propane gas.

Ways To Use Propane Outside

Propane outdoor living appliances can stretch your outdoor time by a month or more – good news as we continue to self-isolate here in the New River Valley. Here are just some of the possibilities for using propane in your backyard or outdoor entertainment space:

  • Propane grills – When it comes to outdoor cooking, nothing beats propane for convenience, precision temperature control and efficiency. Make a built-in grill the centerpiece of your outdoor kitchen.
  • Propane patio heaters –From full-size standing models to portable units, you can find the right-sized heater for any porch, patio, or pergola.
  • Propane spa heaters – Need a quick getaway? Take a soak in a propane-heated spa. Propane heats water much faster than an electric heater, so you’ll be warm in no time.
  • Propane lighting – Propane lights are available in just about any size and style – from torches to modern fixtures.
  • Propane fire pits – Imagine sitting by a fire under the stars without leaving your backyard – and without the smoke, ash, and hassles of a wood fire. A propane fire pit adds style and warmth to your outdoor space, giving your family the perfect place to gather.

Indoor Propane Home Appliances

In addition to these various outdoor living appliances, SWVA Gas offers many other propane-powered home appliances too!

  • Space Heaters – With a propane indoor space heater, those areas that you couldn’t use all the time are now yours to enjoy all-year-round! Make the sunporch an area for reading, hobbies or for the kids to do homework. Turn the attic into a rec room, a guest bedroom or a home office. You’ll be able to work on your car or tinker on projects anytime in your garage, too!
  • Water Heaters – With tankless water heaters, you get endless hot water whenever you need it. Imagine that you no longer have to wait between showers in the morning for the water tank to refill and reheat. And if the dishwasher’s running at the same time, no problem! Tankless water heaters can handle it.

Already have propane outdoor living appliances, or are you looking to expand the propane appliances in your home? We’re here to help. And don’t forget to schedule a propane delivery in time for the fall rush! Contact us today to become a SWVA Gas Service customer!