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Propane Grill Safety Reminders

Published on: May 11, 2021

grilling tips virginiaMay is National Barbecue Month – time to get cooking on your propane grill (don’t have one yet? We can help you with that!).

As you prepare for the BBQ season ahead, please take a few minutes to review these important safety reminders for your cooking on your propane grill.

Safe Grilling Practices

  1. Keep your grill at least six feet away from your home on sturdy and level ground.
  2. Never leave the grill unattended.
  3. Check all hoses and connections for leaks before operating the grill.
  4. Never light a gas grill with the lid closed – to light your grill, open the lid before turning on the gas at the tank. If the grill doesn’t light after a couple of clicks, turn off the burner, turn the gas off at the tank, and wait 5 or 10 minutes before attempting to light it again.
  5. Make sure to keep your grill lid accessible to extinguish small flare-ups. It’s also a good idea to portable fire extinguisher or baking soda on-hand. NEVER attempt to extinguish a grease fire with water!
  6. Never attach or disconnect an LP tank or adjust fittings while the grill is operating. If you run out of gas while grilling, turn off all the burners, reconnect the new tank, and re-light. When you finish grilling, shut the gas valve and disconnect the LP couplings before storing the grill.
  7. If transporting a portable propane cylinder for re-filling, always:
    • Transport it upright (with the valve on top) in a secure position to prevent rolling
    • Close and plug the cylinder valve
    • Place the cylinder in a well vented area inside the vehicle
    • Refrain from leaving the cylinder alone in a hot vehicle; go straight to your propane dealer and straight home when you pick it up.
  8. Always practice food safety:
    • If you can’t wash your hands, use antibacterial wipes before eating or handling food – especially raw meat, poultry, or fish.
    • Separate raw meats from cooked and prepared foods. Store raw meats in a separate cooler, place raw meat on its own plate, and use different utensils to handle uncooked and cooked food.
    • Always cook meats to recommended internal temperatures.
    • If you aren’t eating immediately, refrigerate food quickly after cooking.

    For more tips and information on safe food prep and handling, visit the Partnership for Food Safety Education website.

Still using that clunky old charcoal barbecue? Make the switch to propane today and enjoy instant start-ups, no chemical fumes, and precision temperature control! Contact us today to learn more about our available selection of propane grills and propane cylinder refills in Southwestern Virginia!