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Go With Propane to Up Your Grilling Game!

Published on: April 25, 2022

Get Ready for a Summer That Sizzles.

gas grills virginiaSummer is the peak season for outdoor entertaining—or maybe it’s just about getting out of the kitchen! In either case, if you’ve been thinking your grilling game is ready for an upgrade, SWVA Gas Service is here to help add some new sizzle to your deck or patio. Now’s the perfect time to get set up to make outdoor gatherings fun and easy.

What’s So Great About Cooking with Gas?

A propane grill offers unparalleled control, plus a wide range of accessories and add-ons such as multilevel grills, griddle attachments, side burners, rotisserie, and more. Free-standing cart-style propane grills can offer almost as many options for smaller spaces. Whether you’re looking to create a deluxe outdoor kitchen and entertaining space, or just need to replace your old grill, SWVA offers a full range of Broilmaster grills from basic, classic styles to deluxe built-in units.

In addition to the precise temperature control that comes with a propane grill, you also enjoy ease and convenience. No waiting for the charcoal to heat up; no watching to make sure they stay hot. In just minutes, your grill is ready to go. Food comes out great, with no smoky smell or flavor that can overwhelm foods such as fish or fruit.

And cleanup is made easy as well. No ashes, no worries about smoldering coals. When you’re done, just turn off the grill and the gas supply, do a quick cleaning of the grates and you’re good to go.

Sales, Service, and Reliable Propane Delivery

With a built-in propane grill and reliable propane delivery from SWVA, you’ll always be ready to go—no running out of charcoal—and our experienced propane service technicians will safely and properly connect any new built-in gas grill to your home’s propane supply.

Prefer to use a propane cylinder? Take advantage of our convenient cylinder refilling station at our office in Radford. Let SWVA help you make your backyard a destination. Stop by our showroom or contact us for more information today.