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Automatic Propane Delivery Makes Life Easier

Published on: August 16, 2021

free automatic delivery virginiaAs preoccupied as we all are these days, it’s easy to forget a little detail like remembering to check the levels on your propane tank. Unfortunately, that particular detail can have big and costly consequences if you run out of fuel.

The most obvious problem to a propane runout, of course, is that you’ll be without heat in the middle of winter. You’ll also have to pay for an emergency fill-up rather than a standard top-off, along with a mandatory propane pressure test (which the law requires each time your propane system is shut down, for any reason).

Luckily, there’s a FREE service from SWVA Gas Service that helps you avoid these problems while taking many of the hassles out of heating your southwest Virginia home: Automatic Propane Delivery!

Automatic Delivery: Free Peace Of Mind

With Automatic Delivery, we’ll estimate the time of your fill-up based on how much fuel you’ve used in the past, the average use of homes your size in your area, and the current weather conditions. When your tank reaches about one-quarter (25%) full—we’ll be there. That’s a big step up from “will call” delivery, where you’re responsible for tracking your propane levels and scheduling all your deliveries.

Why Is Automatic Delivery FREE?

You might wonder if there’s some kind of catch to Automatic Delivery—why offer such a valuable service for free? The truth is that we make Automatic Delivery free because it benefits everyone—you, us, and the rest of our customers—by helping us to schedule more efficient delivery routes.

Let SWVA Gas Service take the hassle out of managing your propane deliveries in southwest Virginia with FREE Automatic Propane Delivery! Contact us today to learn more.