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Drafty Room Solution: A Propane Space Heater!

Published on: February 27, 2023

How to Choose a Propane Space Heater for Your Home

space heater options virginia Do you have a drafty, hard-to-heat room in your home? If you’re trying to heat an addition, an attic, or another uninsulated space, you know that cranking up your thermostat only gets you higher heating bills. Portable electric heaters often blow fuses, or short out, and they can be unsafe if they tip over.

Imagine a solution that would keep that space warm and comfortable all winter and early-spring, without driving up your heating bill. That solution is a propane space heater!

Getting Familiar with Space Heating Solutions

If the words “propane space heater” conjure an image of something you’d plug in to heat a workshop or haul out in an emergency, prepare to be surprised! There’s a whole category of propane space heaters designed to efficiently—and attractively—provide supplemental heat in your home.

Here’s what you need to know:

Plenty of Choices

When it comes to choosing a propane space heater, you have a lot of options. Do you want a wall-mounted or freestanding unit? Do you want radiant or circulating heating? Do you want a vented heater or an unvented (also called a vent-free) heater? What’s the differences between all these different options?

  • Radiant space heaters work like the sun to heat rooms and spaces by heating objects, rather than warming the air. As a result, you feel the warmth quickly.
  • Blue flame heaters, or circulating space heaters, warm the air and circulate it to surrounding objects and people.
  • A vented heater funnels the combustion exhaust from the back of the heater into a chimney or vent that safely sends it outside. Vented heaters are fixed in place, typically mounted to an exterior-facing wall.
  • A vent-free heater is free-standing and portable. They’re extremely efficient, too! These single room heating devices work by using the oxygen in that room to fuel the combustion process, allowing it to efficiently create heat. Usually, the unit will be hung on your wall, and you can turn it on and off as you please.

Benefits of Propane Space Heaters

Propane space heaters make it easy to safely and cost-effectively get more use out of any chilly space or room in your home. Here are a few of the benefits that make propane space heaters—and gas log sets—a great option for your home:

  • Most are easy to install and can be done in just a single day.
  • They offer extremely safe operation and energy efficiencies up to 99.9%.
  • They produce fewer emissions than their electric and fuel oil counterparts.
  • Common models generate almost no noise while in operation.
  • Slim, compact designs easily fit into just about any space.
  • They produce balanced, reliable, and continuous temperature control without a hefty price tag.

Still not sure which propane space heater is right for your space? Don’t worry, the professionals at SVWA Gas Service can help you choose the size and type of heater that will best serve your needs and then install and maintain it for you.

For more than 50 years, SWVA has been the local favorite for reliable propane deliveries and propane products in the New River Valley region of Southwest Virginia. Our customers trust us for good reason! Find out for yourself by contacting us or stopping by our appliance showroom today.