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Time for Will-Call Customers to Fill Their Tanks!

Published on: October 25, 2021

Should You Consider Switching to Auto Delivery This Season?

propane delivery virginiaWith a chill in the air, and more chills coming with Halloween right around the corner, it’s time for Will-Call customers to fill their tanks and consider switching to Automatic Delivery for the season ahead—which helps bring peace of mind to any household.

Since 1945, SWVA Gas Service has built a reputation of providing our customers with reliable propane delivery, and installation and servicing of appliances in a large portion of Southwestern Virginia. We have a long history of giving families warmth, savings and safety. We’re a locally owned and operated propane provider, so we know our neighbors and go to great lengths to keep them happy!

To our loyal customers, we provide safe and steady propane delivery to homes, businesses, and farms, featuring honest pricing, and top-notch sales and installation of high-level propane appliances. At SWVA, customer satisfaction is always our No. 1 priority.

Automatic Delivery Makes Things Easy!

SWVA likes to remove the guesswork for our clients and keep things simple. You’re all busy enough: Let us do the work regarding your propane access.

A big part of this simplicity is to enroll in our Automatic Delivery! After joining our popular program, the days of heading outside in messy weather to check your propane gauge levels—or forgetting to check them to begin with—are a thing of the past. You also won’t have to contact us to set deliveries, fret over running low on fuel or shell out extra money for an emergency propane delivery. Who wants to deal with any of that?

As Will-Call customers, YOU are responsible for consistently checking your propane usage and tank gauge levels, then contacting SWVA to schedule a delivery when you need it. Right now, that also means getting the best possible rate, as the volatile fuel market has pushed prices across the industry to the highest levels in years. And, as we’ve all seen or dealt with once before, fuel always seems to run low at the worst possible time, like around the holidays or right before overnight guests arrive at your house.

SWVA Gas Service also offers multiple payment options to meet all budgets, tank and appliance installations, simple online payment methods, and outstanding, caring customer service representatives to fulfill your needs.

Reach out to SWVA Gas Service and let us be your trustworthy propane delivery company this season and for those well-beyond! Need a fill-up? Call us today—we’ll be happy to help.