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10 Tips For Grilling In The Winter Season

Published on: February 8, 2021

grilling in winter virginiaSome people think grilling is something you do in the summer, but why limit that delicious pleasure to only one season? Cold weather cooking on your propane grill is easy, but it does require a bit of planning and strategy—even in our southern Virginia neck of the woods!

Winter Grilling Checklist

If you want to try it out in the months ahead, follow these ten tips to help you out a bit:

  1. Clear the cooking area—Clear a safe path from your home to your grill to avoid slips and falls. Adding salt or sand will be an added benefit to make sure you keep your balance while bringing food into or out of the house.
  2. Be vigilant about leaks—Check your propane gas grill for leaks and your hoses for leaks and cracks, which can be more common after elongated exposure to cold weather.
  3. Keep your grill ventilated—Grilling in an enclosed space can trap deadly carbon monoxide, so stay away from areas inside a garage, under and overhang, or anywhere else that isn’t directly opened to fresh air.
  4. Dress appropriately—Beyond staying warm, dress smart and safe for winter grilling! Avoid wearing baggy clothes and jackets, which could catch fire, and choose gloves rather than mittens to make utensil handling easier.
  5. Preheating is key—A propane grill will need a little more time to get going when temperatures drop. Pre-heat your grill to about 400 degrees for 10 minutes, then drop the temperature as needed to cook your chosen feast.
  6. Block the wind—Make sure the wind doesn’t blow out the flame; position your grill to block as much wind as possible.
  7. Simplify your menu—Use simple, familiar recipes, including dishes that require minimal monitoring and flipping to prevent from the heat loss that comes from opening and closing the lid.
  8. Keep heat where it belongs—Every time you open your grill, heat escapes; try to keep your reveals to a minimum.
  9. Be patient—Food takes longer to cook in winter, and grills take longer to reach the temperatures you set on the thermostat. Give yourself extra time to prepare.
  10. Order more propane than usual—Your grill will have to work harder to get hot and stay hot, so have more fuel on hand than you would in the warmer months. Fill your propane tank (or pick up a spare) today.

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